Imabari castle

Imabari Castle is classified as a rinkakushiki (a flatland castle), because the castle has a large wide moat that is fed by the sea. Imbari castle is also know as one of the three Mizujiro, Castles on the sea or great water castles. Along with Takamatsu castle also in Shikoku and Nakatsu Castle in Oita prefecture, Kyushu. Imabari Castle is a large-scale castle built on the coast facing the Seto Inland Sea by master castle builder Takatora Todo. Even untill this day, the castle walls and stone walls in the center of the former castle are almost completely preserved. Surrounding the castle is a vast water moat which makes for a magnificent view. The interior of the restored castle tower and turret has been turned into a museum. Located on the top floor of the castle tower is an obeservatory, from there you can enjoy a spectacular view of Imabari City and the Seto Inland Sea. Another highlight of the castle is when you visit the castle at night. Imabari Castle will be lit up by beautiful illumination.

Japan's leading sea castle

The Kurushima Strait is a strategic point in the Seto Inland Sea. For strategic and defensive purposed the stone walls and turrets were set up to face the sea.

Vast water moat and amazing high stone walls

The existing water moat is about 50m wide. Seawater flows in and out and you can see diferent kinds of sea fish migrating. The stone walls are astoundingly high (9-13m). A stunning feature for it's time since the castle stands on very sandy ground.

Various museums and an observatory with a superb view

The restored castle tower and turrets are used as a museum. Inside the museum you will be able to find exhibits on the history, nature and of art of the Castle region. On the top floor of the castle towel is an observatory with a 360-degree panoramic view of Imabari City and the Seto Inland Sea.

Japan's leading sea castle

Imabari castle also known as Fukiage castle is a large-scale flatland castle built on the coast facing the Seto Inland Sea. The castle was built 1602 by Takatora Todo, widely considered to be Japan's greatest castle builder. Todo was also also a warrior and a local daimyo who sided with Tokugawa Ieayasu during the battle of Sekigahara in 1600. Tokugawa rewarded Todo with a substanstial amount of land in the Imabari Province.
Construction of the castle began in 1602, and it is estimated to be completed around 1608. It was one of the best sea castles in Japan with a vast moat filled with seawater. The castle was also home to a port that had a large number of ships entering and exiting the castle. In 1635 Imabari castle and it's domain In 1635, the Imabari Domain and castle were given to Matsudaira Sadafusa, the nephew of Tokugawa Ieyasu. He and his descendants ruled the domain for the duration of the Edo period.
Most of the buildings were demolished after the Meiji Restoration, leaving only the inner moat and the stone walls of the main enclosure intact. In 1953, the castle was designated as a prefectural historic site. In 1980 reconstruction of the castle began focusing on the castle tower, turrets and gates. Over the years more and more progess was made and the majestic appearance of the castle returned.
The interior of the building houses various museums and the top floor of the castle tower offers an obervatory with a 360-degree panoramic view.

Imabari castle
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Mystery of Imabari Castle

There is a facility that used to be in Imabari Castle and is still used in the same way in almost the same place. What is it?
A. Port
B. Railway station
C. Hospital

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User guide of Imabari castle

Address 3-1-3 Tori-machi, Imabari-shi, Ehime Prefecture
Telephone 0898-31-9233
Business hours 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Closing day December 29th - December 31st When it is necessary for maintenance or operations, such as changing exhibits
Price General admission  Adult 520yen
Group (20 people or more) 420yen
Student 260yen
Student group (20 people or more) 210yen
Elderly (65 years old and over) 420yen Free for high school students and visitors younger than 18 years old.
Parking Parking Lot 1 (56 spaces) Ordinary cars, small cars, light cars
100 yen per car per hour

Parking Lot 2 (3 to 10 spaces) For sightseeing buses
520 yen for 1 bus up to 2 hours 260 yen per hour after 2 hours
*If you park in the second parking lot, please contact the Imabari Castle management office in advance.

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