Omishima Museum of Art (Omishima)

Crossing the Shimanami Kaido, a bridge that connects the beautiful islands of the Seto Inland Sea with the mainland of Honshu you will find the Omishima Museum of Art . Opened in July 1986 as a modern Japanese painting museum located in almost the center of the island of Omishima. Adjacent to the museum is Oyamazumi Shrine, which is known for its national treasures including weapons and armor. The Omishima Museum of Art has an impressive large gabled roof and thick colonnades. The walls of the building are covered with Japanese paper, creating a soft and calm space.

Contemporary Japanese Painting Museum on Omishima

The works in the museum's collection are rare, as they mainly consist of the works of artists who were born after 1940. They have been representatives of the current Japanese art world since they were younger.

Exhibition room with masterpieces

In the exhibition room you will find long walls, where the artist's ambitious large-scale works are lined up for visitors to view. With a sufficient distance between the art and works, the viewers are able to capture the whole picture.

A garden with a similar look to a traditional Japanese rock garden.

A garden with a beautiful view of Mt. Anjin and Mt. Washigatou, which are both sacred mountains. In spring, the combination of white walls and cherry blossoms is spectacular.

Experience the power of Japanese paintings. The paintings will give you the power to do new things.

Since its opening, the Omishima Museum of Art has aimed to progress and grow together with the help of Japanese painters. For this reason, the majority of the museum's collection now consists of works from the 1970s to the 2000s by artists who are leaders the Japanese art world. Such a collection shows that the viewable changes seen in the works of art are valuable.
Besides the museum's usual collection and exhibtions that are open to the public, the museum also hold special exhibitions befitting of a contemporary Japanese art museum. The museum makes use of it's exchanges with young up-and-coming young artists.
In addition, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the museum's opening, the Toshio Tabuchi Memorial Exhibition Room has been added. In addition to the main paintings, you can encounter sketches made by the artist's. Sketches that directly record the artist's emotions during the production process of making art.
The power of young artists, with works that pursue traditional Japanese painting techniques and also works that break down the conventional concept of Japanese paintings. Please have a look at the current movement and state of Japanese paintings in the art world at the Omishima Museum of Art.

Omishima Museum of Art (Omishima)
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Mystery of the Omishima Museum of Art

When you look at the Japanese paintings on display, you can see that they might sparkle here and there. Why can you see this sparkle?
A. There are minerals in the paint.
B. Gold was mixed into the paint to make it sparkle.
C. Varnish was applyed to the paintings.

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User guide of Omishima Museum of Art

Address 9099-1 Miyaura Omishima-cho, Imabari city, Ehime Prefecture
Telephone 0897-82-1234
Business hours 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Closing day Every Monday ( If Monday is a Japanese National holliday, the museum will be closed the following day) New Years holliday ( Decemer 27th untill December 31st)
Price General admission Adult 520 yen
Group (20 people or more) 420 yen
Student 260 yen
Student group discount (20 people or more) 210 yen
Elderly (65 years old and over) 420 yen
Free for high school students and visitors younger than 18 years old.
Parking 50 cars (free) ※Large buses available