Towel Museum

A space where towels and art come together. Located in Imabari City Ehime Prefecture, this museum is one of kind. With a focus on the ''towel culture'' of Imabari, the towel museum is unique and a rarity anywhere in the world. The Towel museum located in the scenic location of Asakura fuses art with nature and creates a natural space of healing. Housed within a five-story building reminiscent of a European castle there is also a 33,000 square meter European style garden with different flowers blooming throughout the year. The Towel museum combines exhibits about the manufacturing process of towels with pop culture art exhibits. From the process of spinning cotton to threads to the weaving of the actual towels, all can be seen at the museum.

European style garden

Throughout the year, there are always around 1000 kinds of different plants to be seen and admired in the vast garden. The garden is also a place where you can enjoy BBQ and visit the Garden café with it's Garden Terrace Strawberry House which has been cultivated by the Museum's staff.
lined up in the vast garden, a space where you can enjoy BBQ, and the "GARDEN TERRACE Strawberry House", which is cultivated with the surprising idea of ​​the staff.

Feel the potential of towels

Works are exhibited under various themes for each period with unique and diverse exhibits, including a art exhibit. Come and have a look, the exhibits are more than worth seeing.

The process of making towels

One of the most exciting exhibits to see at the museum is about the manufacaturing process. You can see the towel-making-process from start to finish. From raw cotton, through spinning and weaving on a automatic loom. Be mesmerized by the delicate and large machines moving in a regular and fast manner.

Towel Museum, a space where towels and art fuse

Located in Imabari City Ehime Prefecture, Japan's number one producer of towels lies a towel museum that brings together towels and art. In 1971 the Ichihiro Co., Ltd. company created the Towel Museum Group. The Ichihiro Co., Ltd. came to Imabari with six looms to start their business of manufacturing towels. In 1990 Ichihiro Co., Ltd. established a sales office in Tokyo and a factory in Dalian China. Over the years they focused not only on expanding their domestic sales, but also on developing the overseas market.

The Towel Museum in Imabari and the Towel Museum Co., Ltd., operate stores nationwide. They aim to be a company that continues to build on and respond to the diversifying needs of their costomers. Both the Towel Museum and the Towel Museum Co., Ltd take pride and value in what they do.

By constantly renewing our commitment to towels and adjusting to every day changing lifestyles that we have cultivated since our founding, we intend to continue to innovate. We are creating a company and store that will be loved forever by our customers. At all our stores across the country.

The Towel Museum is a large five-story building reminiscent of an old European style castle. The Towel museum includes exhibits of art by various artitsts that continue to donate their art to the museum, an exhibit on the manufacturing process of towels, a vast European style garden, a restaurant and a café.

There are exhibits of various works that constantly send out artistic towels, a tour of the towel manufacturing process, a vast European garden, a restaurant, and a cafe. There are many attractive spots to take photos. In particular we recommend the walls that are covered with 1,800 winding threads dyed in the same 200 colors as the threads used to weave towels. When you go outside from the 4th floor, a garden of flowers and greenery awaits you. The European garden is about 30.000 square feet in size. Seasonal flowers are in full bloom, and you can also visti the strawberry house, which you can enjoy all year round.

Towel Museum
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The Mystery of the Towel Museum

The Itomaki Wall is a popular photo spot in the Towel Museum. How about taking a commemorative photo with the wall that is decorated with many colorful spools in the background?
These spools are used in the manufcaturing process of the towel. What do you call the spools when they are in this state?
Is it? A. Ham B. Cheese C. Egg

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User guide of the Towel museum

Address 2930 Asakurakamikou, Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture
Telephone 0898-56-1515
Business hours 9:30 am to 6:00 pm (Gallery tour is 30 minutes before the museum closes.)
Closing day 2023.January.12th (Thursday) to January.19th(Thursday)
Price General admission
(One person) 800 yen for adults, 600 yen for Junior and High school students, 400 yen for Elementary school students.
Group ( 15 visitors or more) 700 yen for adults, 500 yen for Junior and High school students, 300 yen for Elementary school students.
Group discount (30 visitors or more) 500 yen for adults, 400 yen for Junior and High school students, 200 yen for Elementary school students.
Discount for disabled 400 yen (caregiver 400 yen) One caregiver per disabled person.
Senior citizen discount (aged 65 or above)
Parking Free
Parking Free